Personality Development

This online course is aimed to be an evocative learning process in your journey of personality development. It is ideal for: those aiming to begin or advance their journey in developing their personality students of psychology practicing clinical psychologists Keeping in mind all the elementary pillars that support one’s personal growth, this course is holistically designed wherein Sureka will provide reflections on the nuances of personality development. She will also share personalized narratives to inform audiences about the ethos of science, spirituality, and embodied cognition that affects our feelings.

PRICE : ₹999/-

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Living With Flow

Are you ready to start living your best life? This course is ideal for: Anyone aiming to reset their mindset to achieve maximum satisfaction, happiness, and productivity at work and in life. This course is designed to help you achieve a positive state of mind and body using the Science of Happiness. It will specifically help you address issues in your relationships, performances, and creativity to help you feel motivated, inspired, and conscious. Chatterjee is here to help you awaken your inner genius, decode your subconscious blocks, and put your inner critic to sleep so that you can start living your best life!

PRICE : ₹999/-

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