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Since ancient times, India was recognized as the land which first witnessed the mentor-disciple (gurusishya) traditional system imparting knowledge. The gurukul system was the seat of learning where knowledge and teachings were transmitted from the mentor/teacher (guru) to the disciple(sishya). The mentor was like a sculptor who gave shape and form to the life of a student.

The age of a student is no more restricted to primary or teens. Now anyone who wants to acquire a new skill can be a student. Further, education is no longer restricted to schools and universities. As we have stepped more towards a globalized environment, technology has started playing a crucial role in simplifying the education system by merging time and distance. No longer a student needs to travel interstate to acquire a specific form of learning – be it academics or upskilling some passion. No longer a working professional is restricted to the last degree he acquired before starting work. Online classes with flexible timings on multiple subjects and streams are now a trend for the upgradation of one’s skills and domain of expertise.


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Mastermentors recognized the new age mixed age-group audience who prefers attending online short courses from industry experts to balance their professional commitments. Hence Mastermentors was born in 2019 to extinguish the gap that India had for an online platform for edutainment. The first platform that enables all masters and mentors who are experts in their genre to come on a common platform and share their craft online to thousands globally via professionally scripted and shot video courses.

Mastermentors specializes in scouting for those mentors who are true masters in their art but not that prominent or previously promoted on social media. This platform is a one-of-a-kind zone for those who are keen to rekindle their passion and dream of the subjects they always had an interest in but kept on the backburners for multiple factors.


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