How to start a sports blog or website: Easy to follow guide.


Starting a sports blog is an excellent way to share your interests with the rest of the world, it also helps us network with people having the same passion. One can talk about several topics in a sports blog, some being players, athletes, current stats, discussing strategy, types of equipment, or talking about a single sport. Passion alone is not enough to bring your blog into the limelight. One needs to plan carefully and execute accordingly to keep readers engaged in the blogs. If you are thinking of starting a sports blog, the following tips might be helpful.

Decide your niche for the sports blog. You would want to sit back and think about which type of blog you want to start with. There are many sub-genres to a sports blog, it can be talking about a specific sport. Ask yourself the question, “Which sport interests me so much that I continue writing about it for a very long time?” You may be interested in talking about the top players in different sports, or you might want to cover local tournaments. Your main focus can be a particular team too. Think through the process, and decide what interests you the most.

Secondly, choose your blog name. It is said that the first impression is the last. Your blog name is your first impression in this situation, and you surely want to decide on a name that attracts readers to your blogs. The domain name should be easy to remember, spell, and relevant to your content. This way, you will be able to grow it as a brand later on. Though, don’t make it too restrictive as it will be difficult to expand your content later on.

Choose your blogging platform. Some bloggers may want to just share their views, while others may want to monetize their content. Choose a blogging platform that aligns with your future goals. You may also want to consider how much you are willing to invest, as some platforms will charge you a membership fee. You will be able to buy your domain depending on the platform you have chosen. Usually, bloggers who are just starting prefer choosing a free platform.

Decide and buy your domain name Your domain name is the identity of your blog, you don’t want to share it with anyone else, so it is best to decide on a domain name, and buy it. Tips you may want to keep in your mind before choosing a domain name: Keep it short, sweet, and simple. Use alliterations as they catch the attention of the readers. Buy a .com domain. Base your domain name on the concept of your blog. Get creative, it is best to stand out and try out different things when it comes to blogging. Don’t spend too much time or money on a domain name.

Keep your readers engaged. Another important thing to succeed in blogging is to be consistent. Make sure you are posting high-quality content timely in order to keep your readers engaged. One can easily track the activity of their readers to find out the kind of content that is doing well and experiment with more things. Readers not only want to gain knowledge about sports through your blogs but also be entertained, it is important to make sure your content catches the eye of the readers and is interactive enough to make sure they come again for it.

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