Making Bengali Sweets

Do you want to know Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick’s generations-old secrets to sweet-making? This course is ideal for: those who are curious and passionate to learn how to innovate and create new Indian sweets recipes. those who are beginners or experienced professionals of sweet-making in India. those who are or aspire to be a part of the hospitality industry. Keeping in mind the traditional tastes of Indian sweets and their combinations with fresh fusion flavors, this course is designed to teach you innovative recipes that you’ll never forget! Additionally, Mullick will share the secrets of making various sweets quicker and more efficiently without compromising on quality or taste.

PRICE : ₹999/-

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Owning & Managing a Café

If your aim is to open a cafe, one of the first decisions you must take is to decide the concept, the kind of shop you want to create: from the classic cafè to the specialty coffee shop and artisanal shop. Just once decided on the concept, it is possible to define the target and then the location of your cafe. In this masterclass, Moshe will talk about all the challenges and opportunities that come with opening a café. From the ideal location depending on the concept to the economic analysis, the definition of break-even and food cost, the concept of the target, the best machines, and the layout of the service spaces, Moshe will guide you through this journey. This masterclass covers everything you need to know on how to put up and manage your own cafe business, from finding your capital, doing preliminary research, forming your team, acquiring the facility you need, running your business, and marketing your product to the right costumers.

PRICE : ₹999/-

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