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The live masterclass on Creator Economics by Nirit Datta was a successful and informative event at the iLEAD Institute of Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Kolkata. The class began with a fireside chat between Suraj Juneja and Nirit Datta where they discussed various ideas to enhance the content game.

Nirit Datta shared his personal journey and growth as a content creator and brand consultant over the past 5 years, which resonated with the audience. A notable highlight was the fact that he was able to organically grow his audience on Instagram without spending any money to boost his content.

A diverse range of audiences- ranging from Influencer management agencies to creative and digital agencies were present during the event. Students from iLEAD and other colleges were also there to hear from Nirit about how to work on growing their content and the strategies that are needed to create better content. Important insights on content planning to enhance content and video quality were shared and received very well by the audience. 

As a guest speaker, Vedansh  was present during the event. He shared some valuable insights with the audience and did a Q&A session. Vedansh is one of the most popular rising content creators in India who managed to increase his followers by more than a lakh within a span of a year.

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The success of the event would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors, Audi, GridIron, BodyLine & FitExpo, who made the event a reality. We are grateful for their support and partnership.

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